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By Helen Woolley, Sep 6 2018 07:56PM

10. The Kumba

Thought it is now one of the older roller coasters in the Orlando/Tampa are, the Kumba still offers one heck of a thrill ride. The roller coaster can be found at Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay, and is in the Congo area of the park. It lasts for 2 minutes and 54 seconds, and the ride produces a roar that led to its name. It takes you through seven inversions, interlocking corkscrews and a 114ft vertical loop, and though you may feel a little shaken up when you step of the ride, your heart will certainly be racing.

9. Manta

A flying roller coaster found at SeaWorld, you will feel like you are being carried along underneath a manta ray when you are riding it. No matter where you are sat on this roller coaster, you will have the same intense experience as you and taken through a number of surprising dives and turns. With a top speed of 56 mph and drops of 113 ft, this is a roller coaster also takes you on a ride that will be with you forever.

8. Big Thunder Mountain

Found in the Magic Kingdom, Big Thunder Mountain is a crowd pleasing roller coaster. As a mine train experience, there are no corkscrews, inversions or sheer drops, and yet this ride is still a fun and thrill ride for children and adults alike and is even fun for those who don’t “do” roller coasters.

7. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith

For those that love the music of Aerosmith, this roller coaster is not something that you will want to miss. As you sit in the body clutching seats, you discover that the headrest has speakers in it that pipe in music and sound effects to enhance the ride experience. This indoor roller coaster is built on the premise of getting into Aerosmith’s stretch limo and getting you through traffic. Throwing you around in the dark, you can’t see what is coming next, making this roller coaster one of the most unique and fun roller coasters that Orlando and Tampa have to offer. You can find this ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

6. The Montu

When it was originally built, the Montu was the largest inverted roller coaster in the world. Found in Egypt area of Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay, this ride is named after the Egyptian God of war, Monthu. Taking you through drops and loops, your toes will be curling as you hang from the track and feel the adrenaline pumping every second you ride.

5. The Incredible Hulk Coaster

Even before you reach the ride, the scene is being set around you for the Incredible Hulk experience. The queue for the ride takes you through the laboratory of Bruce Banner and tells the origin story of the Incredible Hulk. Found at the Islands of Adventure Park on Marvel Super Hero Island, this ride shoots you like a cannonball into the corkscrew twists and the superfast turns of this exhilarating ride. If you feel the need for speed, then this is one roller coaster that is not to be missed.

4. The Kraken

When the Kraken was originally opened, there was no virtual reality element, but the technological upgrades to this ride have made it a truly unique experience. The vertical and diving loops, along with the many twists that this ride takes will have adrenaline pumping, but add in the virtual reality of the live Kraken into the experience and SeaWorld have created a truly terrifying ride.

3. Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

If you’ve always wanted to climb Mount Everest, then this roller coaster is the next best thing. With part of the ride taking place inside the mountain and the rest outside, this is a ride that offers a truly unique experience. Found a Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the Asia section of the park, you can climb to the peak of Everest, discover the abominable snowman and even end up riding backwards. This is not a roller coaster to miss.

2. Mako

Found at SeaWorld, this roller coaster lets you experience what it is like to be a Mako Shark. The ride takes you on a thrill chase as you stalk your prey through a sunken shipwreck, experience weightlessness and enough the heart-pounding thrills of his record-breaking hypercoaster.

1. SheiKra

Found in the Stanleyville area of Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, SheiKra is named after an African hawk that swoops down on its prey, which is exactly what this roller coaster does. This floorless roller coaster takes you on 200ft climb to begin with then holds the riders suspended, looking down at the 90 degree drop below them for a whole six seconds before plunging down the drop. After going through a 360 degree there is a second drop of 81 degrees and finally through a splash zone that will leave the riders dry but drench those watching below.

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