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The wonders of space are yours to explore with the Kennedy Space Centre. You can see the history of space exploration, the space race, the moon landing, the successes and disasters that have all come from searching the stars.

Heroes & Legends

The Heroes & Legends exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center lets visitors explore the history of NASA’s engineers and astronauts from the earliest space programs to the pioneers that took space travel and exploration forward. You can visit the Astronaut Hall of Fame, sponsored by Boeing®, and explore the Rocket Garden as well as dine at the Rocket Garden Café.


Behind the Gates

Though there is a lot of the space program that you can’t explore on your day out at the Kennedy Space Center, the Behind the Gates mission zone allow visitors to see more than ever before with access to historic launch sites and the working spaceflight facilities with the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour. The tour is included in the price of the day ticket to the Center, but there is also a Special Interest Tour that extends the bus tour and offers an exclusive look at other parts of America’s Spaceport, though there is an extra charge for this.

There is so much to see at the Kennedy Space Center, and a number of different bus tours, but the Center recommends only taking one bus tour a day to get the most out of your time there.

Race to the Moon

The Race to the Moon mission zone allows you to get up close to the Apollo Era and see the astounding Saturn V rockets for yourself. The tragedy and success of the Apollo missions provided drama and brought the dream of one day living amongst the stars that much closer. You can discover the historic Apollo 8 mission, the Space Race between the USA and Soviet Union, that moment that the immortal words “It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” were uttered and the near disaster of the Apollo 13 mission.

Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other

With the retirement of the Space Shuttle, you can now stand in the presence of the Space Shuttle Atlantis®, explore the different shuttle missions, learn about the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station, try out the training simulators so that you can learn how to dock and land the shuttle and learn about the great legacy of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. If all this has you hungry for your own slice of adventure, then you can try out the Shuttle Launch Experience® and feel what it was like for the astronauts that blasted off into outer space on board this testament to the human spirit of exploration.

NASA Now & Next

Explore the NASA Now & Next exhibits to learn about the current missions on the International Space Station and what is coming in the future for the US Space Program. There is information about NASA’s plans to explore deep space and 3D films at their IMAX® Theater that will let you see what the Earth looks like to the astronauts up in space.


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